Lytton Medical Clinic
A doctor's office

A Doctor's office

A doctor's office

The Clinic

A doctor's office

The Waiting Room

The Village of Lytton, BC

Lytton, BC

The Village of Lytton is the center of our coverage area.

Spences Bridge

The Rivers

We cover a large area of the rural south west interior.

The Lytton Medical Clinic

Serving Lytton, Westside, Spences Bridge, Boothroyd and the area.

At this time Dr. deKlerk is able to do phone consults on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Please use our Contact Us tab above to book phone appointments to consult with your doctors, get your presriptions. These services will be available in the various places you may presently be evacuated to.

Try to keep well and stay safe.

The team at Lytton Medical Clinic, July 28, 2021